The Founders (Josh and Dave)


Burstn is the simplest way to share what’s happening in your life. Snap a photo and within seconds it’s shared with the world and remembered forever. Capture everything, the things you love, the people you're with, the places you go and the food you eat. Remember it all and share your great moments.

Have the most fun instant photo sharing community in your pocket. Become the most popular photographer in your city, at a concert or around the world. Put your photos out there for everyone to see and talk about. Get a peak into the lives of interesting people just like you.

Be candid and in the moment, everyone wants to see what your up to.

Why Burstn

Photos speak to everyone and make sharing your moments easy. No language, no number of words can express what you can in the split second it takes to use your camera. Burstn makes sharing your photos online as easy as snapping a picture.

Pictures speak a thousand words and with Burstn you can tell that story to the coolest instant photography community in the world. Post what you're doing, show how you're feeling and unlock your interesting moments.

Be candid, be raw, share your pictures without the hassle.


Are you looking to build things that are used by thousands of people everyday? Do you want to play with the latest technologies and solve some of the most interesting problems people have with sharing online?

The Burstn team is full of bright, passionate folks who make tools that are actually useful, useable and fun. We get to experiment, develop and iterate in a risk free environment where ideas and execution are the most valuable currency. Shoot us your resume, your work or just give us a shout. We are looking for the best and brightest to help us build the best mobile photography platform in the world. If that's you we want to become acquainted.

We use the latest technologies to give our users the coolest experience in mobile photography. Python, Django, JavaScript, Cocoa, Java, and a whole crazy stack of other fun toys built on top. If you are a great developer, designer, engineer or math wizard we want to get in touch. Jump into the hottest space in mobile and join the Burstn team.

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