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Innovation: Creating the Future With You in Mind

The Huffington Post September 4th, 2010
You take photos on your phone. Then you want to share them, but first you have to go to a site and upload them (or you can't be bothered and they linger on your phone). Sound familiar?

Burstn on CP24's Webnation with Amber MacArthur

Webnation August 1st, 2010
Burstn is here to show off the app that is the perfect iPhone download to keep in touch with friends and family when you head back to school.

The launch pad for young, rock-star entrepreneurs July 28, 2010
An innovative idea-development space sparks a list of the top five need-to-knows for Gen-Y business owners

Passion turns to business June 14, 2010
Partners develop the world’s first real-time photo-sharing web platform

Entrepreneurs ‘zone in’ June 9, 2010
DMZ helps students turn their digital business dreams into reality